2017 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting of the Music Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS)

September 16, 2017

Lumsden, SK


Present:  Ruth Eliason, Leanne Hoeft, Amanda Kuszic, Melanie McDonald, Michaela Olson, Angela Quong, Amara Samchinsky, Amanda Schenstead, Melinda Van Hove, Lana Wilkinson,

Regrets:  Laurel Downey, Bernadette Kutarna, Lisa Timmermans,

Call to order, 10:29 a.m.

Approval of Agenda:  Lana Wilkinson made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Leanne Hoeft, carried.  

Approval of 2016 minutes:  Angela Quong made a motion to approve the 2016 AGM minutes as presented, seconded by Ruth Eliason, carried.

Review of Mission Statement: A review of the MTAS mission statement was led by Melanie McDonald, with changes noted.  

Approval of annual reports: Members were given annual reports and updates from the board members prior to the meeting.  Members were given the opportunity to ask questions or comment. Lana moved that the annual reports be approved, seconded by Melanie, carried.  

Approval of financial report: Angela presented the financial report.  She requested that all the membership payment be received before December 31st for ease of reporting.  

Voting occurred with all voting members in attendance in approval.  Four more votes needed to carry the vote. The vote will be carried out electronically through email, to get the required votes.  

New Business:

Bylaws: Melanie reviewed the changes proposed to the bylaws.  Changes noted in the document provided to members prior to the AGM.  An additional request was made to add the category of ‘lifetime member’ to the membership section.  Melanie made a motion to accept the revisions as proposed, seconded by Amanda Schenstead, carried.

Public Relations: Amanda shared updates on the developing social media policy, reviewing some of the initial guidelines with the group.  Discussion ensued.

Logo: Melanie drew the group’s attention to the new logo, designed this past year.  The logo is in use on the organization’s facebook and web page, as well as on business cards created by Melanie.  

CAMT:  The call for papers is out for next year’s conference in Newfoundland.  Continuing Education handbooks are out with the changes regarding reporting and the calculation and valuation of credits.  The shared resources and presentation templates for members only portion of CAMT website was highlighted, as a resource for anyone interested in using them.  Privacy and ethical concerns prohibit mtas from using clients in their own advertising. Provincial and national organizations are still permitted to. Melanie will distribute the information/changes once they become available.  Bernadette communicated via another member, that she wanted to encourage mtas to challenge the CAMT guidelines on MAID (medical assistance in dying). She is open to discussing this with any members interested.

Music Heals: want to increase their presence in SK and are looking for venues to do so.  There has been a successful partnership in Regina supporting a non-profit organization.  They wish to continue that relationship and expand to other organizations. Ipod pharmacy is available at Wascana for music therapists

Childhood Development Fair in Regina:  Melanie’s contact approached her to have MTAS represented at a table to field questions about music therapy to build stronger connections in the city.  Melanie invited other music therapists to come at the booth. Business cards were ordered for the MTAS as a point of connection. Playing for Change is also held on that day in Regina as well.  

MTAS website:  Leanne encouraged traffic to the website, to check the information posted there on music therapists.  Leanne will update the membership form with the new logo, and post it to the website once up to date.  

Nominations for MTAS board positions: President and treasurer are due for renewal.  Amanda Schenstead nominated Melinda Viera as treasurer and she accepted, acclaimed.  Lana was nominated as president, and accepted, acclaimed. Thank you to everyone who allowed their names to stand.  

Regulation: FACT-SK is hosting a webinar ion regulation shortly.  Lana will attend and will represent MTAS on the committee.  She brought group up to date on the various developments in regulation across the country.  Lana expressed concerns about the process, – the variation in perspectives, etc. and whether regulation in the way that it is expected to proceed, will advance our profession.  She invited discussion and conversation to determine whether this can be refined or changed to better suit our needs.

Adjournment: Ruth Eliason moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:12 p.m.  

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