Continuing Education Policy

General Information

  1. The MTAS will provide $600 per year (to a maximum of $150 per application) to support members wishing to attend or organize continuing education events.
  2. The MTAS reserves the right to change the amount of funding offered from year to year.
  3. MTA and MTI members of MTAS in good standing with both MTAS and CAMT will be eligible to receive bursaries.
  4. A confirmation that the application has been received will be sent within 7 days.


Eligible Activities/Projects:

  1. Bursaries will be awarded to subsidize both travel and registration expenses for members attending educational events related to clinical music therapy.
  2. Bursaries will be awarded to MTAS MTI members writing the CBMT exam.
  3. Sample projects/activities eligible for bursary funds:

* Airfare and registration fees for members attending CAMT conference or conferences related to music therapy practice.

* Honoraria for speakers presenting at a workshop organized and attended by accredited music therapists or music therapy students.


Exclusions and Conditions:

  1. Grants will be NOT be provided for graduate or undergraduate music therapy degree program tuition (this is not a scholarship fund).
  2. Bursaries will not be provided for projects or events eligible for funding by the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.
  3. Individual applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of $150.00 within a 3-year period. Group applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of $150.00 within a 3-year period.
  4. Copies of receipts (e.g. registration fees, travel expenses) must be submitted to the Treasurer. In the event that you are unable to attend the education event, you will be required to return the funds to MTAS.
  5. Eligible applications will be considered each bursary period. If more than three eligible applications are received each period, a lottery system will be used to determine the successful applicants.


Deadlines for applications:

Fall Bursary, January 15th: For education activities with a start date occurring between September 1st – February 28th of the following year, with disbursements made by January 30th.

Spring Bursary, June 15th: For education activities with a start date occurring between March 1st – August 31st , with disbursements made by June 30th.

Submit an application using the guidelines below to


MTAS Continuing Education Bursary Application Guidelines


Your application should include:

  1. Name and credentials of individual submitting proposal
  2. Mailing address
  3. Contact phone number(s)
  4. E-mail address
  5. Description and dates of continuing education event to be attended or hosted
  • if available please attach brochure or event program
  1. Location of continuing education event and distance from your home (if not in same city/town)
  2. Rationale for attending/hosting continuing education event
  • describe how this event or topic applies to your music therapy practice
  • Group applicants; please describe how CE bursary will aid in defraying costs for MTAS members
  1. Proposed budget for your continuing education activity
  • Include breakdown of expenses separating those applicable for funding (Individual applicants: registration fees and travel costs; Group applicants: speaker fees) from all other related expense (e.g. accommodations, materials, etc)
  • Include a total of expenses eligible for funding as well as overall expenses
  1. Other sources of potential financial support

NOTE: Projects eligible for funding by the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund are NOT

eligible for CE Bursaries.

  1.  Proposed avenues for further dissemination of information
  • i.e. presenting to other music therapists in your community, writing a newsletter article summarizing what you have learned from the event





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