Logo Use Policy

The MTAS Logo is considered the official seal of the Music Therapy Association of Saskatchewan. Its use implies MTAS support/endorsement for particular activities or documents.

The purpose of the Logo Use Policy is to define the parameters for use of the MTAS logo. The MTAS Board will be responsible for use of the MTAS logo. If members (aside from Board members) wish to include the MTAS logo on a publication, advertisement or in association with an activity or event they must get Board approval prior to use. This is to ensure that only activities/documents supported by MTAS are granted permission to use the MTAS logo.

Process for Gaining Approval

Members should email the President of MTAS at president@musictherapysk.com to place their request. Following a request the Board will respond within one month of receiving the request to the person who requested use of the logo.

Email request & approval/denial will constitute an application and response from the Board.

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