Online Policy

MTAS will maintain an online presence as the board sees fit. Options include, but are not limited to, a website and a Facebook group. All MTAS representation online will support and advocate for professional music therapy, namely music therapy services provided by accredited music therapists who hold active MTA status with CAMT.

As part of the services offered to MTAS members, as well as to assist the public in finding and accessing professional music therapy, a section of the MTAS public website will list active MTA members who are providing service or are willing to present to community groups.

MTA music therapists who wish to be listed on this section of the website must be an MTA member in good standing of both MTAS and CAMT. Those therapists will also be given the opportunity to complete the MTAS’s Online Listing Template to ensure that each therapist’s information is presented in a concise and easy-to-read manner.

At the beginning of each membership year the administrator who is responsible for keeping the MTAS website current will verify that each therapist listed is also listed on the CAMT’s active MTA list. Any therapist whose membership and/or MTA status has lapsed will be removed from the MTAS website until both their MTA status is restored to active status with CAMT, and any outstanding dues owing to MTAS are paid in full.

Response to Enquiries About Music Therapy Services

When MTAS receives requests from the general public for information, via any avenue of contact, on how to obtain clinical music therapy services or for speaking engagements about music therapy, the following response will be provided. This standard response is to ensure that all accredited music therapists (MTAs) are represented equally by the association.

“Dear _____,

Thank you for your interest in music therapy. MTAS is committed to providing information on music therapy services and the professionals that provide it. All music therapists listed on the MTAS website are accredited through the CAMT. MTA (Music Therapist Accredited) is the professional designation of music therapists. (link to the MTA info page on CAMT website.)

We invite you to visit the MTAS website to find a therapist that best fits your needs and location.

Once again, thank you for your interest in Music Therapy in Saskatchewan.


Lana, MTAS President”

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