Proposed Bylaw Revisions

Bylaws – the rules of HOW business in the organization will be conducted

Mission Statement – is a plan that reflects the current values and goals of the organization, can change as part of the “Business” of the organization

Rewording the Mission Statement

“The mission of MTAS is to advance public awareness of music therapy and to promote professional music therapy by credentialed music therapists in Saskatchewan.”


Current Bylaw Proposed Change
Article 2: Mission Statement REMOVE – Article 2

Use revised Mission Statement on website

Article 4.2 Membership Categories

MTI & Student “non-voting”


MTI & Student to “voting”

ADD Lifetime membership

Article 4.3 c) Rights & Duties of Members

“…with the exception of Special General Meetings”

Article 4.3 c)

REMOVE”…with the exception of Special General Meetings”

Article 6.3 Qualification


Article 6.3 Qualification


Article 7 Executive Officers

Public Relations Officer

Article 7 Executive Officers

REMOVE Public Relations Officer and description REPLACE with Member-at-Large


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