Reimbursement Policy

This policy is intended to provide guidelines for how MTAS will reimburse board members or MTAS members for receiptable expenses who are carrying out approved MTAS business.

Process for Reimbursement

  1. Approval from the board prior incurring any expenses
  2. Members may work with MTAS Treasurer to have MTAS directly pay costs, or the member may submit a receipt for expenses that fall representing the previously agreed upon cost
  3. Member shall submit receipts to the Treasurer no more than 30 days after incurring the cost
  4. Treasurer may reimburse member via online transfer or cheque within 30 days of receiving the member’s receipt

Examples of Reimbursement

Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. MTAS will provide $150 to either the President or Vice-President to represent MTAS at the annual CAMT Conference. The expectation if the board member accepts this stipend is that the member will attend meetings that require provincial representation (ie. Regulation, Provincial meetings etc)
  2. MTAS will reimburse board or MTAS members who are driving to conduct MTAS business for mileage at the current government rate. (hyperlink to gov. website)
    1. Board members attendance at mid-year board meetings
    2. Board members attendance at AGM and transition board meeting
    3. Representation at FACT-SK meetings
  3. Other examples include:
    1. Mid year Board Meeting lunch will be provided by MTAS
    2. Advertising for MTAS events
    3. Down payments and fees for service incurred for MTAS business or events
    4. Website fees and maintenance required to keep MTAS’s website current and active


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